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Joe Tucker Racking Secret DVD
Joe Tucker Racking Secret DVD
Part #: dvdrs
Joe Tucker Racking Secret DVD
Suggested Price:$59.69
Our Price:$51.99
You Save:$7.70 (13%)
Availability: This item is In Stock and usually ships out within 3 to 7 Days.
product description
Are you embarrassed by your break? Do you just keep breaking dry no matter how hard you try? Well my friend, help is here from Joe Tucker! After watching this 2 DVD set you'll never go dry again (or at least not as often). Learn the secrets of how to rack the balls just so in order to pocket a ball almost every time. Plus, this DVD will teach you how to take advantage of other racking tricks to make run outs easier. And we're not just talking 8 ball either. You'll get racking strategies for 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, one-pocket, rotation, and straight pool that every hustler needs.
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