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Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials
Our reputation as the online leader in customer satisfaction has been growing ever since we opened for business in 1995. Here's a sampling of some of the comments we've received from our satisfied customers.
Customer comments

Received everything yesterday in excellent condition. When I showed up last night for my CPA league night, as soon as I pulled the cue out everyone started asking about it.

I told them where I got it from and the extra mile you went to as it was a special order. Needless to say the few business cards you sent were handed out fast.

The cue looks and hits amazing. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Thanks again for the great service.

Oshawa, Ontario CANADA

I have been playing pool for about 20 years now, and have purchased many cues and products over the years but, have yet to be as happy about a purchase as with CueStore.CA. I was a bit nervous about ordering online and, when my cue arrived it did not have the rear bumper on it. This only made me regret my purchase. I called and spoke with Rock who said he would ship it out to me immediately. I was slightly skeptical but, received it in Calgary in 2 days. I was extremely impressed with his level of customer service and how kind he was. I just put in my second order and will only be shopping through CueStore.CA from now on. It says a lot that I would prefer to shop online from halfway across the country instead of walking into any of the shops in Calgary! Thank you again for the great service!

Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Just wanted to say the cue was delivered to the door last Thursday; excellent service on part of CueStore.CA and Post Office - thanks. The Players Jump/break cue is excellent. I am very partial to a wood shaft on break cues. It does a terrific job of breaking and jumping.
Thanks for the recommendation.

Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

I just wanted to comment on the great service. My order arrived long before the expected delivery date (4th business day), with which I was very impressed. The contents were in perfect condition and well packaged. The case is a lot more than I expected, being a free accessory. This is the first cue I ever ordered and I was pleasantly surprised that the tip had already been shaped for me. Overall a great experience, and I will recommend your site to everyone I know.

Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA

Having just received my new pool table light today, (one day before the estimated delivery date!) I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service. From the description on the website to the ability to pay through paypal, to the shipment tracking system it would be hard to beat such top-notch service. I look forward to my next purchase.

Thanks you,
Elgin, New Brunswick CANADA

Just wanted to say thanks for your great service. I ordered my items Thursday morning (NOTE: items were marked as shipping out within 24 hours) at about 8:00 (EST) and the package arrived to me in Toronto by 2:00 Friday. I followed the tracking and you'd sent it out within a few hours of having received the order.

Service generally sucks everywhere these days so it's important to give praise when able and I'll also be doing more business with you in the future as a result.

Thanks again,
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

I just wanted to give you feed back. I've owned a graphite cue for about 10 years but recently lost it. I switched to graphite because I had a wooden one that warped, due to cold Toronto weather. I really enjoy using a graphite cue.

So, I ordered a burgundy graphite cue from your store. I selected the "free case" option. My cue arrived very quickly in the mail and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow, what a fantastic cue, fantastic balance, smooth, excellent weight distribution and great colour. I expected the case to be a piece of crap; you know the kind that have those tacky Velcro closures. I can't believe how nice the case is that you sent for free! My entire team freaked out about the cue because most of them borrow it on pool night.

I appreciate that you enclosed some business cards. I've put them into the case, in the event that people want to know where I got it. I could not be happier with your product, I feel the price of the cue was excellent and wow, thank you so much for the case.
S Vanderhoef
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

Hello. I just had to write and let you know how impressed I am with your store and service. I recieved my order today and on time as you stated. Thank you for the business cards. They will be passed out to other team members on 3 different teams.
D Richards
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA

Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what a pleasure it has been on the 3 occasions I have purchased cues and stuff from your store the service is unrivaled, the product outstanding, the prices unbelievable. I will never buy another cue from anywhere else. The few times I have had questions they are answered ASAP and always with exactly the correct info. I could go on all afternoon singing your praises but that would use up to much room on your testimonial page. Please post this for all to see so if anyone had any doubt or hesitation they can see that they can shop with confidence. Thanks so much again.
B Sulkers
Calgary, Albert CANADA

I received the cue this morning and went to play with it this afternoon. It is all that I hoped for. Thanks for the good service and I will talk to you again when I need anything else.
Dave McKenzie
Brandon, Manitoba CANADA

I received my order yesterday,Thank you very much for everything It is more than I thought It would be, I am very pleased with your excellent service and product. I will recommend you highly to anyone needing your services.
Thanks again,
Dale Arndt
Dawson Creek, British Columbia CANADA

Yesterday I had my cue and case delivered by UPS... one day before I expected them! Anyways, they were in great shape, and I used my cue to win my APA league match. It's a great cue! It also feels great to receive a cue with a sticker price over $100 off what I paid. A great cue and case, delivered on one day, at amazing savings. You're a man of your word. If anybody has any doubts about buying from you, give them my email address, I'll vouch for your honesty!
Thanks again,
Mariano Goluboff
Boulder, Colorado USA

Thanks for the fast service, I broke my (already battered) cue on Sunday and needed a replacement for Wednesday night league. I called the right person Monday, about noon, who got my new Mali to me on wednesday before noon. Thanks again
Jerry Vaughn
Sandpoint, Idaho USA

I would suggest that anyone interested in purchasing cues consider using cuestore.com. I got the cues I wanted in two days by UPS, in perfect condition, at probably 25% less than any store in Southern California I could find-- and saved an additional 7 3/4% state sales tax. I also ordered a set of Brunswick Centennial balls and received those within four days again with around a 25% savings over local store prices not counting state sales tax.
Jeff Kilpatrick
Costa Mesa, California USA

I got the stick on time Friday. I shot with it for 15 hours over the weekend. It's exactly what I ordered plus I got the cue and the case for the same price my local pro shop would have charged me for just the cue.
Keith Chu
Bradley Beach, New Jersey USA

I received my cue today. It is a beautiful sight to behold. Thank you for your prompt service and excellent prices. I plan to purchase several more cues through you for my friends in the future.
Thank you,
Jared S. Carl
Lewisville, Texas USA

I recieved the stick, and it is just as nice as I thought it would be. It was a pleasure doing business with you. you have a customer for life. thanks again for everything.
John Benson
Warwick, Rhode Island USA

Received this order Wednesday 11/05, complete and in good condition. Thanks again for the prompt service. Also thanks for the advice on break sticks which you offered me many months back. I finally got around to making a decision and just wanted you to know your efforts weren't wasted.
Arnie Schmidt
Butler, Ohio USA

I received the cue this afternoon. It arrived in perfect condition. I am very satisfied with the product and your service. I will recommend your company to all my friends and associates who are in the market for billiard equipment
Kenneth M. Gan
New York, New York USA

Thank you for your prompt service.
I've now used the Internet Cue Store on several occasions and have yet to be dissatisfied in any way. Your WEB interface is clear and direct and your responsiveness to WEB orders is excellent.
Thank you once again
Carey Cilyok
Madison, Alabama USA

Thanks for your expedient delivery of the sticks and cases. Everything arrived by yesterday in satisfactory condition. I have even had a chance to test out the Predator and it appears to be an excellent cue. Thanks again for all of your help and I look forward to conducting further business with you in the future.
Jim Bowerman
La Palma, California USA

Good People: I am pleased to say that my order, a poker table and cover, arrived two weeks ago today and that I am exceptionally pleased with them. The table is very well made, functional, and beautiful. I look forward to many pleasureable nights with my friends playing games on this fine table.
Jimmie Edwards
Toledo, Ohio USA

I have received my cue and all is super. Thank you for your very rapid service and 100% satisfaction with your mailorder service. It is rare to get such service these days. I will do business again soon.
Dan Storey
Wapella, Illinois USA

I received my Viking pool stick and case. I would like to thank you for the prompt service and I will inform all my friends of your great services on the internet. And once again thanx a lot.
Kevin Cornelison
US Military Base

The case is just as I expected, and just what I wanted. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Max Gilbert
Huntsville, Alabama USA

I just received the two cue sticks today, and they are great. Thank you again for all your help, and I will tell all my friends about cuestore.com. In fact, I have two people who should be buying cues within the next month, I'll send them your way.
Thanks again, it really was a pleasure!
Huy Nguyen
Sunnyvale, California USA

I received my cue yesterday and played my first league match with it last night. It is everything I expected. Your prices for cues are much lower than anywhere here in Denver and even better than other mail order places I've checked. Also I am impressed by the high degree of customer service you have provided me. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a quality cue at a reasonable price.
Thanks again. I have enjoyed doing business with you.
Jeffrey W. Cell
Denver, Colorado USA

Just letting you know my order arrived as scheduled and in fine condition. Thanks and I have already told several players about your web site so I think you can expect more orders from Vermont.
Thanks again,
Ray Gomez
Burlington, Vermont USA

My cue arrived on Wednesday. You guys are by far the best deal I've found both on the internet and in the local shops.
Michael Domagall
Hastings, Minnesota USA

I received the light fixture on Friday, May 10th. I installed it a week later and it looks great.
Thanks for the easy-to-shop Internet site and the quick shipping!
Darrin Gaines
Beavercreek, Ohio USA

Thank you for processing this order so quickly. I received it today in good shape. Pool cues here in Germany are more than twice what you are asking. A lot of people are interested in your business here and I am sure you will get more orders.
Thank you again....
James E. Thomas Jr.
US Military Base in Germany

I'm sure you will hear from me again, you do have a nice web site, and provide great service. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Keep up the good work.
Paul Langlois
Nashville, Tennessee USA

I would like to thank you for sending me that cue. You are a man of your word. the cue was everything you said it would be. Keep up the good work.
Steve Dennis
Marysville, Ohio USA

I received my cue yesterday and it looks great. Thanks again for the great deal. You saved me almost $100 compared to what it would cost me at my local pool hall.
Edward Cholewa
Greyslake, Illinois USA

I received the cue and case on Monday because no one was at home to receive the package on Friday. I have already tried the cue and I am happy to report that I am extremely satisfied with the condition and quality of the product. I am also contented with the fact that I saved over $30 by buying the cue through cuestore.com.
Thank you!
Leonardo Ferro
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey USA

Well I recieved my order within the two days. The cue and the case are fabolous.
Ronald J. Christopher
Ellenwood, Georgia USA

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